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We have a team of certified technicians, including master mechanics that have extensive experience and training on automatic and manual transmissions. We are also seeing a shift in some makes and models to the CVT transmission and have been successfully serving this changing market for several years now.  We seek the best transmission products to bring our customers high quality at a fair price.

Have Peace Of Mind

Heritage Auto is proud to use Jasper Engines and Transmissions. Jasper offers an up to 3 year/100,000 mile nationwide transferable parts and labor warranty. Full warranty policy is available here.


Tony Y.

Very helpful and enjoyed a great experience. knowledgeable and able to find extra help for my transmission problems.

Roland C.

The transmission works great since the flush and the funny tinkling noise is gone after replacing the serpentine belt. Great job.

Liz L.

I was very satisfied with the recent service on my transmission leak. Also received the usual great customer service on 7/21/2012 for an auto service.

Christopher T.

Absolutely the best service in town! Tony is the best and Scott went above and beyond with helping us on our boys clutch repair!


Todd & Whitney C.

My car would not get out of park. I was stuck sitting in a parking lot on off Eagle Road. I called Heritage and talked to Becca. She


Baillie M.

It might seem a little crazy to buy an old beater Ford Focus and then take it on a 500-mile road trip, but that’s what we did after the guys


Transmission Maintenance Services

How Your Transmission Works

Looking for more information regarding your transmission? The transmission is a key component of the drivetrain system and is responsible for transferring the engine’s power into usable motion.  A properly functioning transmission keeps the vehicle operating smoothly and efficiently. A transmission that is not working correctly results in driving problems and excessive fuel consumption.

Maintenance Is Necessary

The Car Care Council is an automotive aftermarket organization educating the public on caring for their vehicle. Their tagline is “Be Car Care Aware”. In their studies, they have found that three out of four vehicles on the road need service. This includes transmission maintenance services. 

Common Maintenance Care Actions

Making sure your vehicle is current on transmission maintenance will save you time and money by preventing catastrophic repairs.  Some common transmission maintenance items that your vehicle may require include transmission fluid and filter service, transmission flush, clutch replacement, and differential services.  Our service advisors can advise you on your unique vehicle needs. One thing that I have found interesting is to have the team at Heritage show me my vehicle’s fluid sample when it needs to be replaced. It really is remarkable to see just how grimy transmission fluid can get! A clean, smooth fluid will help your transmission run correctly. Dirty fluid, on the other hand, can cause excessive wear and tear to a transmission.

Our Transmission Repair Services

Automatic & Manual Service

Transmission Replacement

Driveline Repair & Maintenance

Axle Repair & Maintenance

Clutch Repair & Replacement

Transmission Fluid Service

Flywheel Repair & Replacement

Driveshaft & U-Joint Repair

Transmission Flush

Differential Diagnosis

Differential Rebuild & Service

Transfer Case Repair & Service

Transmission Replacement Service

What If A Transmission Needs To Be Replaced?

Heritage Auto Repair has a long-standing relationship with Jasper Engines and Transmissions, who provides our transmissions if a replacement is needed.  The warranty on these transmissions is 3 years or 100,000 miles. Common drivetrain components include cv axle, driveshaft, clutch, transmission, CVT transmission, differential, transfer case, seal, gasket and fluid. Heritage Auto Repair’s mechanics are able to perform maintenance and repairs on the components of your drivetrain.  If you have a question or concern about your vehicle’s transmission, it would be our honor to serve you. Call our friendly team at 208-887-1442 or schedule an appointment online.


We Know The Struggle Of Transmission Repairs

We know how difficult it is to have transmission repair issues. I keenly remember having a baby and a toddler in a car seat on a sweltering summer day about 20 years ago. As I looked over my shoulder, put my Dodge Caravan in Reverse and hit the gas, I heard a sickening “thunk” and the vehicle refused to move even an inch. No one likes to deal with two tots, a vehicle that won’t move, a tow truck and an unknown problem, not even the mechanic’s wife! However, even in the middle of an unexpected transmission problem, we can help!

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